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Author: Maura Ryan
List of required reading for each lesson. Texts and articles with links are listed and activated.
Lesson Topic  Reading Assignment
1  Unit I: 
Beginning with the Personal
  •  Ehrenreich, Nickle and Dimed, Intro, Ch. 1-2.
2  Unit I (cont): 
Persons and Institutions
  • Ehrenreich, Nickle and Dimed, Ch. 3 - end;
3  Unit II: 
The Foundation of Catholic Social Thought: 
The Human Vocation
4  Unit II (cont): 
Justice and Right Relation: 
The Prophetic Tradition
  • Curran, Chaps 4-5.
  • Wogamann, Christian Ethics:  An Historical Introduction (selections)
5  Unit III: 
Historical Overview: 
Rerum Novarum to Centesimus Annus

Classic Texts:  Leo XIII and Pius XI
6  Unit IV: 
Catholic Social Thought in Transition
  • Curran, Ch. 1.
7  Unit V: 
Vatican II and Post-Conciliar Social Teaching
  • "Justice in the World" (in O'Brien, pp. 287-300)
  • Curran, Ch. 2
8  Unit VI: 
Social Teaching of John Paul II
  • Mary Anderson, "You Save my Life Today, But What for Tomorrow?  Moral Dillemas of Humanitarian Aid" in Hard Choices, Jonathan Moore, ed. (Rowman & Littlefield, 1998), pp. 137-156.
9  Unit VII: 
Christianity in a Consumer Society
10  Unit VIII: 
Choices Concerning War and Peace
  • The Challenge of Peace, Part I (in O'Brien, pp. 492-518)
  • Enemark, C. and C. Michaelsen, "Just War Doctrine and the Invasion of Iraq" in Australian Journal of Politics & History 51.4 (2005), pp. 545-563.
  • Michael Novak, "Just Peace and the Asymetrical Threat:  National Defense in Uncharted Waters" in Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, June 2004.
  • Mich, M.H. Catholic Social Teaching and Movements, pp. 275-311.
11 Unit IX:  
Humanitarian Intervention
  • Film:  "Hotel Rwanda"
  • Kenneth R. Himes, "The Morality of Humanitarian Intervention" in Theological Studies Vol. 55, pp. 82-105.
  • Curran, pp. 215-222.
12  Unit X: 
From Charity to Justice: CST and Global Health
  • Maura Ryan, "Whose Holy Grail? Justice in a Genetic Age"
  • Daar, et. al. Top Ten Biotechnologies for Improving Health in Developing Countries 
13  Unit XI: 
Catholic Social Teaching on the Environment
  • Ryan, "Children and the Environment"
14  Conclusion
  • John A. Coleman, "The Future of Catholic Social Thought" in Modern Catholic Social Teaching: Commentary and Interpretations, ed. Kenneth R. Himes (Washington, DC:  Georgetown University Press, 2005), pp. 522-544.
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