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About Professor Collett

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Authors: jlcollett, echilds, cschulz

Jessica Picture

Jessica Collett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Sociology Department
University of Notre Dame

Research Interests


Social Psychology, Social Inequality, Family & Childhood, Research Methods, Religion


Image courtesy of the Sociology Department, University of Notre Dame.

Jessica Collett is an assistant professor of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame. Her research is largely social psychological and primarily focuses on group processes, self and identity, and emotion. Recent work exploring the relational outcomes of alternative dispute resolution, including perceptions of fairness disputants have of one another and their optimism about future interactions, appears in Advances in Group Processes. Other work examining other cognitive and affective outcomes of exchange relations is in the American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, and Social Psychology Quarterly. Collett holds a BA in Sociology and History from Winthrop University and a MA and PhD in Sociology from the University of Arizona.
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