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Author: Jessica Collett
Introduction to Social Psychology Lecture Table
Class Lecture Materials (if available)
1 Introduction
2 Sociological Social
3 The Three Faces of
Social Psychology
4 Social Construction 
of Reality

Bathroom Politics (see JSTOR note below)

5 Critical Thinking
6 Research Methods
7 Social Construction 
of Self
8 Childhood Socialization Games Children Play (see JSTOR note below)
9 Ongoing Socialization
10 Identity and Self
11 Self-Esteem
13 Definition of the
14 Impression
15 Schemas and
The Effects of Stereotypes
16 Attributions
17 Embarrassment
18 Conversational
Conversation Analysis Worksheet (pdf)
19 Nonverbal
20 Attraction and
22 Childhood
23 Growing Up
24 Social Groups
25 College
26 Working
27 Family


  • Classes 12 and 21 are exam days, and have no lecture notes or materials.
  • Users with access to the JSTOR database may click on JSTOR articles for full-text versions; authorized users working from off-campus computers may be required to log on through their university library website.  Those without institutional JSTOR access may either seek JSTOR participation information or click on the journal title to go to the journal's homepage where additional searching can be performed.
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