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Author: Tyler Stavinoha
Biographical information about the professor
Karen Richman, Ph.D

Professor Karen Richman, Ph.D.

Director, Migration and Border Studies, Institute for Latino Studies

Concurrent Faculty, Africana Studies


University of Notre Dame

Image courtesy of Kellogg Institute at University of Notre Dame. Used with permission.

Karen Richman (B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia) is a cultural anthropologist who studies religion, migration, transnationalism, performance, gender, production and consumption. As a professor, she has taught courses in anthropology, African American studies, gender studies, interdisciplinary core programs, Latino studies, and Romances languages. Her 2005 book Migration and Vodou (New Diasporas Series of the University Press of Florida) explores migration, religious experience and ritual transformation in a far-flung Haitian community. Her current research projects are a study of migration and religious conversion and an ethnographic biography of a Mexican immigrant woman. She has conducted fieldwork on American consumer culture and worked as an advocate for immigrants and migrant farm workers in the United States. Her articles have appeared in edited books on migration and in the journals Anthropology and Humanism, the Journal of Haitian Studies, Cimarron, Folklore Forum, the Journal of Religion in Africa, and the Journal of Plantation Society in the Americas.  For more information, see the Kellogg Institute web biography.

Professor Richman can be available to evaluate and examine students via skype/ichat or webclassroom.Contact her at

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