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Author: A. James McAdams
Basic outline for the course, "Ten Images of Hell in the Twentieth Century - University Seminar" in the Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame.

Basic Outline of the Course

1 World War I The Experience Remarque, Dante
2 The Holocaust The Experience Wiesel
3 Existentialism The Experience Sartre, O'Connor
4 Tyranny and Madness The Origins Djilas, Arendt
5 Totalitarianism The Origins Orwell
6 Technological Imperialism The Origins Huxley, Singer
7 Moral Confusion The Threat Dostoevsky, Milgrim
8 Nihilism The Threat Dawkins, Walls, Lennon
9 Poverty The Challenge Kotlowitz
10 Terrorism The Challenge Harphem, Bin Laden
Natural Calamity? Hell in the Twenty-first Century?
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