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Author: Tyler Stavinoha
Overview of Days, Lectures, and Lecture Topics.
Session Topic
1 Introduction
Course Description
2 Lecture 1
Course Overview
3 Lecture 2
Machine Guns
New Weapons Technologies - Tanks
New Weapons at Air
Chemical Warfare
Gas War
Fritz Haber 1868-1934
Chemical Weapons
A War that Changed the World
Physics Behind Radioactivity
4 Lecture 3
The discovery of the neutron
Properties of the Nucleus
The discovery of fission, 1938
Niels Bohr
Fission Fragments
World War II - prelude
5 Lecture 4
World War II
Bombing Technique Developments
Technological Escalation in WW II
The Beginning of the Nuclear Age
6 Lecture 5
Requirements for a Fission Explosion
1/v law of neutron capture
German Choices
The Manhattan Project
Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Reactors
Graham’s Law of Effusion
7 Lecture 6
Nuclear Waste
Los Alamos
First Bombs
Trinity Test
How were the Germans doing?
Was there a nuclear race?
8 Lecture 7
Nuclear Plan Modification
Morality of the Bomb
Political Discussions
Mission to Hiroshima
Japan's Surrender
9 Lecture 8
Moral Opposition to Nuclear Weapons
Attempts at Global Nuclear Control
Cold War and Proliferation
Start of Soviet Weapons Program
10 Lecture 9
Hydrogen Bomb - The fusion process
The Fathers of (US) Hydrogen Bomb
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Ulam-Teller Design
Mike (the first Hydrogen Bomb)
Soviet Response 1955
The Cold War and Nuclear Arms Race
11 Lecture 10
The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
The Suez Crisis
The “Mordechai Vanunu” Case
North Korea
12 Lecture 11
The Bomb Test Programs 1946 - 1963
Preparation of Population
The Public Warning System
Nukes as a Business Motivator
13 Review: Mid-Term Exam 1

14 Exam 1

Lecture 12
The Nature of the Blast
Burst Physics
Altitude Test Delivery Systems
17 Lecture 13
The Baker Test
Underground Test Procedure
SEDAN Preparations
Containment of Nuclear Blast
Bomb Test Characteristics

Lecture 14
Destructive Effects of Nuclear Weapons
Mechanical Shock
Shock Characteristics
Shock Expansion
Scaling laws for blast effects
Distance effects of airburst
Scaling in Altitude
Thermal effects
Effects of thermal radiation on materials
18 Lecture 15
Prompt Radiation Effects from a Nuclear Bomb
Monitoring radiation intensity
Radiation Exposure & Dosimetry
Sources of Natural Radiation and Radioactivity
Fission products
Dose received from bomb tests
19 Lecture 16
Radiation Exposure
Sequence of Radiation Events in Indirect Action
Medical Diagnosis
20 Lecture 17
Radioactive Fallout
Military Personnel Tests
High Altitude Distribution
Fallout Patterns
21 Lecture 18
Astronomical Influences on Earth's Climate
Natural Disasters
Effects on Sunset
Nuclear Winter
22 Lecture 19
Use of WMD
Dirty/Radiological Bomb
Medical Sources of Radioactivity
23 Review: Midterm Exam 2

24 Exam 2
25 Presentations Day 1

26 Presentations Day 2

27 Presentations Day 3

28 Presentations Day 4

27 Final Review Day 1

28 Final Review Day 2

Final Exam

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