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Author: Paul Weithman
Professor Paul Weithman

Professor Paul Weithman, Ph.D.


Philosophy Department
University of Notre Dame

Areas of Interest: Contemporary Political Philosophy, Ethics, Medieval Political Philosophy

Image courtesy of Paul Weithman and the University
of Notre Dame Philosophy Department.  Used with


Paul Weithman is Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of Notre Dame.  His dissertation, "Justice, Charity, and Property: The Centrality of Sin to the Political Philosophy of Thomas Aqunas" was directed by John Rawls and Judith Shklar at Harvard University.  Professor Weithman works primarily on issues in contemporary political philosophy and ethics, though, as his dissertation indicates, he takes an interest in medieval political philosophy as well.  In his recent book, Religion and the Obligations of Citizenship (Cambridge, 2002), Professor Weithman defends an account of the ethics citizenship in which citizens may appeal to religious reasons in voting and deliberation, provided that citizens believe the government would be justified in adopting the measures which these citizens prefer.

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