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Ramsey Climbing 3

Professor William Ramsey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Philosophy Department
University of Notre Dame

Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science

Image courtesy of William Ramsey and the University
of Notre Dame Philosophy Department.  Used with permission.

William Ramsey is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. He is the co-editor of four volumes: Philosophy and Connectionist Theory (with David Rumelhart and Stephen Stich, Lawrence Erlbaum, 1991) and Rethinking Intuition (with Michael DePaul, Roman Littlefield, 1998), and the two-volume series, the Cambridge Handbook to Cognitive Science and the Cambridge Handbook to Artificial Intelligence (with Keith Frankish, forthcoming, Cambridge University Press).  He has written numerous articles in the philosophy of cognitive science, with emphasis on the nature of mental representation, the philosophical implications of artificial intelligence, the character of common sense psychology, and the reliability of intuition-based analysis.  He has also won several teaching awards at the University of Notre Dame including the Thomas P. Madden Award for Outstanding Teacher of First-Year Students (1999), the Kaneb Award for Excellence in Arts and Letters Teaching (2002), and the Charles Sheedy Award for Excellence in Teaching (2005).  He was raised on a cattle ranch in Central Oregon, and when not doing philosophy, can often be found dangling off of a cliff in some remote location. 

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