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Author: William Ramsey
Week Topic Readings Key Dates
Introduction to Philosophy  

Plagiarism Guidelines

Cahn, "The Elements of Argument"


Philosophy of Religion 

 2 Ontological Argument

Davis, "Surprise! It's Judgment Day" (Philosophy: An Introduction [PI] 66-74)

Davis, "God and Suffering: Discussion" (Selections) (PI 74-75)

Feinberg and Shafer-Landau, "Reason and Religious Belief: Introduction" (Reason and Responsibility [RR] 2-6)

Anselm, "The Ontological Argument" from Proslogion (RR 6-7 or Anselm: Proslogion (Selections)

Gaunilo, "On Behalf of the Fool" (RR 8-11 or Gaunilo: In Behalf of the Fool (Selections))

Rowe, "The Ontological Argument" (RR 11-21)


Cosmological Argument

Teleological Argument

Davis, "God and Suffering: Discussion" (Selections) (PI 75-79)

Clarke, "A Modern Formulation of the Cosmological Argument" (RR 22-23)

Rowe, "The Cosmological Argument" (RR 23-32)

Paley, "The Argument from Design" (RR 32-37 or Paley: Natural Theology (Selections))


Problem of Evil

Davis, "God and Suffering: Discussion" (Selections) (IP 82-89)

Johnson, "God and the Problem of Evil" (RR 85-89)

Swinburne, "Why God Allows Evil" (RR 89-97)

Paper 1 Due 

Mind and Freedom  

  5 Philosophy of Mind

Davis, "Strange Behavior" (IP 151-157)

Davis, "The Nature of Mind: Discussion" (Selections) (IP 157-160)

Swinburne, "A Defense of Substance Dualism" (RR 263-267)

Carruthers, "The Mind Is the Brain" (RR 276-284)

Churchland, "Behaviorism, Materialism and Functionalism" (Selections) (RR 286-288)

 6 Philosophy of Mind  

Davis, "The Nature of Mind: Discussion" (Selections) (IP 160-171)

Jackson, "The Qualia Problem" (RR 267-270)

  7 Freedom

Davis, "Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends" (IP 1-11)

Davis, "Freedom and Responsibility: Discussion" (Selections) (IP 18-28) 

Feinberg and Shafer-Landau, "Determinism, Free Will, and Responsibility: Introduction" (RR 386-392)

Holbach, "The Illusion of Free Will" (RR 392-397)

Honderich, "A Defense of Hard Determinism" (Selections) (RR 397-401)

Midterm Exam
  8 Freedom

Davis, "Freedom and Responsibility: Discussion" (Selections) (IP 29-32)

Stace, "The Problem of Free Will" (RR 413-418) 

Paper 2 Due




Divine Command Theory

Davis, "The Land of Certus" (IP 91-96)

Davis, "Moral Principles: Discussion" (Selections) (IP 108-117)

Rachels, "The Challenge of Cultural Relativism"

Quinn, "God and Morality" (RR 564-578)

  10 Utilitarianism

Davis, "The Sheriff's Wife" (IP 100-106)

Davis, "Moral Principles: Discussion" (Selections) (IP 117-123)

Mill, "Utilitarianism" (RR 594-607 or Mill: Utilitarianism (Selections))

  11 The Ethics of Assistance

Singer, "Famine, Affluence, and Morality" (RR 631-639)

Rachels, "Ethical Egoism" (RR 488-495)



  12 Descartes

Davis, "The Fantasy Machine" (IP 178-183)

Davis, "Why Don't You Just Wake Up?" (IP 184-187)

Descartes, "Meditations on First Philosophy" (Selections) (RR 145-153 or Descartes: Meditations I and II)

Paper 3 Due 



Davis, "Appearance and Reality: Discussion" (IP 188-199)

Descartes, "Meditations on First Philosophy" (Selections) (RR 153-160 or Descartes: Meditation III)

Locke, "The Causal Theory of Perception" (RR 177-185 or Locke: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Selections))

  14 Berkeley

Berkeley, Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous (First Dialogue)  See Berkeley: Three Dialogues I

  15 Berkeley 

Berkeley, Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous (Second Dialogue)  See Berkeley: Three Dialogues II

Paper 4 Due

Final Exam

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