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Author: Kenneth Sayre

Note: The video lectures are also available in iTunes U.

Lecture Transcript Figures Click image for Lecture Video

Thumbnail Earth from Moon

Earth from moon.  Image courtesy of NASA

Lecture #1 - Easter Island and entropy

Thumbnail Easter Island

Chile - Easter Island, 2007.  Photo Courtesy of Jaap van 't Veen. Some rights reserved.

Lecture #2 - Ecology and structure


Single suit fan - Hearts, 2006.  Photo Courtesy of Rob Brooks. Some rights reserved.

Lecture #3 - The crisis: Excess entropy in the biosphere

Air pollution

Air pollution, from the National Parks Service. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Lecture #4 - Source of crisis: Economic growth

The Hand Made Visible Thumbnail

The Hand Made Visible, 2008. Image courtesy of P. Sayre. Used with permission .

Lecture #5 - Recovery strategies preserving growth

Corn Grid Thumbnail

Photo adapted from (top right) Power lines - Australia, October 2007, by Marcus Wong, and (bottom left) Cornfield, 2006, by Sarah McMillan. Some rights reserved.

Lecture #6 - Production driven by social values

Wealth Thumbnail

Wealth, 2007. Photo adapted from Gold Coins, 2007, courtesy of Mitchell Elder. Some rights reserved.

Lecture #7 - Dismantling consumer society


Dubai Airport Duty Free Shopping Mall (1 o'clock a.m.!), 2006.  Photo Courtesy of Tobias Zielke. Some rights reserved.

Lecture #8 - Doing one's part


Runners, 2005. Courtesy of Dave Morris. Some rights reserved.

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