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Author: David O'Connor
Gives a mid-term and a final exam.

Information on the Final Examination

The exam is open book and open note. You may use your texts, handouts, papers, and any self-generated notes you have kept. But the exam presupposes you will be familiar enough with the course materials that you will not need to consult these materials very heavily.

The exam consists of short-answer questions, none requiring more than two sentences, and some identification of important passages from the readings and movies. There are no essay questions.  The exam is fairly demanding; to do well on it, students will need to know the assigned material well and be especially familiar with key passages. The questions do not ask you to give an interpretation of the texts and movies, as the paper assignments do. But they will evaluate how much command you have over significant details in the course materials, details of the sort that go into a good paper.

Sample Exam Questions

Part 1: Passage Identification

Part 2: Short Answer

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