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How to Use This Course

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Author: Alex Himonas
A description of the materials contained in this course together with some brief instructions as to how they might be used.

The materials included in this course include a syllabus, a course schedule, activities, Java applets, a description of the required semester project, a description of the resources that are typically available to students enrolled in this course at the University of Notre Dame and a selection of review materials.

These various materials are accessible by selecting one of the several links listed under course contents.


The syllabus describes the expectations for the students and gives a general idea of how their work is graded.

Course schedule

The course schedule lays out the chronology of the course.  This document also provides links to the activities and online content that accompany the course content.  Typically students would attend a fifty minute lecture and read the section of the text book associated with that lecture.  During the lecture, they would be given time to begin the activity worksheet (a link to this is given in the Activity column of the course schedule).  The titles of the lectures link to online interactive programs which illustrate the concepts involved in the lecture.  This online content requires Java and may require the user to install some software prior to being used.


This course includes a collection of applets licensed to this course under Creative Commons license from Thomas S. Downey and David J. Eck.  These applets are interactive online activities designed to assist students in gaining conceptual understanding of the curriculum.


Many faculty members and graduate students have taught and been involved with this course over the past ten years.  The author would like to thank them for their contributions, especially Steven Broad, Yu Chen, Nahid Erfan, Jennifer Gorsky, and Tang Mouktonglang.

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