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Author: Sandra Harmatiuk
Syllabus – PE 12000 Making the Academic Transition


This course will cover some basic principles on making the adjustment to college learning. It will include not only information but also opportunities to practice what you learn.  In fact, the practice will form the basis for strategies that will serve you well in the fall. These strategies, while not necessarily course specific, serve as tools for success.

Course Objectives

This course provides students with a general understanding of the first year as a transition place that requires adjustment on the part of students. These adjustments fall into three categories:

  1. Required amount of time and work: Students should be able to build a schedule and make effective choices.
  2. Responsibility for learning: Students should be able to complete an assignment independently and formulate questions.
  3. Standards for high quality performance: Students should be able to establish reasonable goals based on not only mastering the facts, but also understanding their significance or relevance.

Lectures and Assignments

All required materials for this course are provided on this web site. The six lectures are listed in the Lectures table, and the associated assignments and activities are listed in the Assignments table.

Other Reading

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