Research Questions

Actual research questions submitted by students, to be critiqued and discussed by peers.

Critique the following:

  1. Does the current public school system in Indiana aid children living in Spanish speaking homes in both social and educational development, and, if not, how can we, as a nation of immigrants, aid such development?
  2. How does the world of human trafficking alter the lives of those involved in it from an economic, physical, and emotional standpoint?
  3. To what extent is education in juvenile correctional facilities in the U.S. effective?
  4. How much does the world need to change in terms of culture to slow down the environmental crisis?
  5. Given that long term healthcare can be very expensive, what can be done to aid the elderly who cannot afford it?
  6. What role should nuclear power play in the search for alternative energy options?
  7. How and to what extent can an Alzheimer's patient's environment affect the progression of the disease, both positive and negative?
  8. How can we best reconcile the amount of food waste in America with the global issue of hunger?
  9. To what extent should the government provide funding to victims of Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers?
  10. To what extent should the government get involved in the fight against homelessness?
  11. Do the resources offered at the CFH motivate people to be on their own or make them comfortable with being homeless?
  12. How can we eliminate the amount of waste/garbage in households?
  13. How and why does today's technology-driven society relate to the development of Alzheimer's disease?
  14. How can we assure that children living in poverty will receive equal educational opportunities?
  15. In what ways does the CFH in South Bend differ from other shelters in Indiana and how are these differences better or worse in addressing the problem of homelessness in the community?
  16. How successful has the University of Notre Dame been in addressing homophobia and intolerance in the LGBTQ community on campus and in what ways?
  17. What is an appropriate response to violence for a victim of repeated domestic abuse?
  18. Should there be a shift in the American values that incorporate competition in order to close the wealth gap?
  19. In what ways could the educational systems in place today be used to prevent juvenile crime?
  20. How can western culture reverse its tendency toward mastery over nature?
  21. With many groups fighting over the Americans with Disabilities Act, how, if at all, should the ADA be reformed to lift some of the burden placed on businesses an do the public areas to have handicapped access capabilities?
  22. To what extent do the benefits of stem cell research overcome the controversy of the practice?
  23. How do social systems such as gender or race affect or influence homelessness?
  24. How has capitalism influenced poverty with the accumulation of wealth by such a small percentage of the population?
  25. What are the most efficient ways of rehabilitating the homeless?
  26. What are the reasons homosexual couples do not receive the same rights as heterosexual couples?
  27. What's the best way to make more families take care of the elderly family members at home?
  28. What's the best way to regulate homeschooling to ensure that home-schooled children meet state educational standards without interfering too much?
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