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Critical thinking

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Author: Chris Clark
A summary of the abilities required for critical thinking, based on the writing of Edward Glaser.

Eye of the BeholderThe four dimensions of usability, aesthetics, functionality, and content provide a framework for the kind of critical thinking necessary to evaluate websites and other multimedia material.

Critical thinking requires these abilities*:

  1. Recognize problems and find ways to address them
  2. Recognize unstated assumptions and values
  3. Comprehend and use language
  4. Gather information
  5. Interpret data, appraise evidence and evaluate arguments
  6. Recognize relationships between propositions
  7. Draw conclusions and make generalizations
  8. Test conclusions and generalizations
  9. Render judgments
  10. Reconstruct patterns of belief on the basis of experience

*Based on An Experiment in the Development of Critical Thinking, Edward M. Glaser, Teacher's College, Columbia University, 1941.

Resource: How to Be a Critical Media Viewer (Media Education Foundation)

Image "Eye of the Beholder" by Pablo Piedra; Some rights reserved.

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