Image - Portfolio

Image editing and the portfolio project.

Image Editing
with PhotoShop

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How to PhotoShop PDF icon Project Overview - PhotoShop CS5 Fundamentals Project Rubric
List of Selected Lynda Tutorials PDF icon

Samples from previous years (also below)
Window House
by Katie O'Rourke (l) and Casey Martin (r)

Adobe TV - PhotoShop
Photo tips and techniques (Kodak)
Quick tips for scanning photos (HP)
PhotoShop Essentials - tutorials

Practice and Examples


Exercise: SP Studio Inspiration : Maggie Taylor | Worth1000
Exercise: Crop and Scale
Exercise: Flickr account Images: stock.exchg | 4FreePhotos
Exercise: Out of Place Library of Congress
Exercise: Image layers and gradients | Files What is Creative Commons? PDF icon

Image editing icon by MediaLoot.

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