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Usability test

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Author: Chris Clark
An in-class activity

Learning goal - become familiar with usability testing

Before beginning - learn about the "Think Aloud Protocol"


  • Work collaboratively in groups of 3-4.
  • In a Google doc, develop a series of three tasks that a user must accomplish at a website.
  • One of the tasks should be to find a piece of information.
  • For the purposes this exercise, the user should be able to complete the tasks in 5-10 minutes.
  • Export the Google doc to a PDF and submit it.


  • Pair up with a person from another group
  • Follow the Think Aloud Protocol
  • One starts doing the other's tasks while the other observes
  • Switch places.


  • As an observer, what did you learn about your site's usability?
  • Now that you have conducted a pilot test, how would you change your set of tasks?
  • What was it like to follow the Think Aloud Protocol as a user?
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