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Usability Checklist

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Author: Chris Clark


Users know where they are and where they can go

Locations of buttons and hot spots are clear

Site map or directory available

Search box available

No dead ends - site has not-found/404 page


Users know when input is accepted

Actions are answered with a visual or auditory cue

Progress indicator appears when something takes time to happen

User always knows what's happening


Available to people with hearing impairments and visual impairments

Adequate text-to-background contrast

Text size and spacing are adequate

Images – ALT tags, size, sharpness

Always available – no down time

Platform-blind and browser-blind (e.g., not Windows-only, not just Internet Explorer)

Works without Flash (not required or alternative provided)

Doesn't require add-ons or plug-ins

No popup windows

Not limited by display size (e.g., 1024x768 screen can see everything)


Navigation – works the same way throughout

Media work the same way throughout

Same terminology is used throughout

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