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Author: zmadden
Syllabus for CAPP 30523

Course goal

Explore ways multimedia can be used in communication and problem solving, so that students will be able to take advantage of multimedia tools in a work or volunteer setting.

Learning goals

After finishing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Recommend tools and strategies for completing a multimedia task;
  2. Use the four dimensions of multimedia to evaluate multimedia materials.
  3. Create and edit basic digital images, animation, and sound;
  4. Construct an interactive multimedia application; and
  5. Demonstrate strategies for enhancing their multimedia skills.


Using Flash and other tools, students complete projects in areas like animation, audio editing, image editing, and scripting. Students begin to learn much of the material before class by completing tutorials; follow-up activities then apply the concepts in class without step-by-step instruction.


Course projects

This course is centered around six projects, each of which will increase the student's knowledge of multimedia and its various forms and applications. The student is invited to encounter the projects in whichever order s/he chooses, although a suggested order is provided below.


Students create and edit a blog (short for 'weblog,' an online journal)  to share completed projects. This project runs concurrently with the other five.

Website Review

Students use the four dimensions of multimedia to analyze a web site.

Image Portfolio

Students find original images and apply various editing techniques to them.


Students create an animated movie that can serve as a screensaver.


Students practice audio recording and editing by creating a podcast on an art work.

Second Life

Students apply the four dimensions of multimedia while exploring a virtual world.


Required text and materials

  1. TextbookTeach Yourself Adobe Flash CS3 Professional in 24 Hours, By Phillip Kerman.
    © 2007 by Sams. ISBN: 0672329379.
  2. Required hardware and software (separate page)


Assignments, exams, and grading

Percentage Component
15 Flash files:
1. In-class work
2. Assignments from the textbook
50 Projects
15 Midterm exam - a practical test on Flash and image editing
20 Final exam - a combination practical and essay test

Grading scale and criteria

Score Range Grade Criteria
95 100.0 A Goes beyond requirements in terms of creativity,
learning, or one of the four dimensions
90 94.9 A-
87 89.9 B+
83 86.9 B Meets all basic requirements
80 82.9 B- Requirements missing
77 79.9 C+
73 76.9 C
70 72.9 C-
65 69.9 D
0 64.9 F Unacceptable
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