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Author: zmadden
Course project matrix with brief objectives and links to descriptions and assessment rubrics.

The following projects comprise the core of CAPP 30523. 
While they may be completed in any order, the following sequence has been followed successfully.

Project   Objectives Rubric


  • Create a central portfolio of student multimedia work
  • Learn basic blogging

Blog Checklist

Website review

  • Practice applying "four dimensions"
  • Look critically at published media

Website Review Rubric

Image Portfolio

  • Apply principles of aesthetics
  • Learn basic image editing

Image Portfolio Rubric


  • Learn basic Flash animation
  • Create a practical product

Screensaver Rubric


  • Learn basic audio recording & editing
  • Create a practical product

Podcast Rubric 

Second Life

  • Apply the "four dimensions" in a radically different environment
  • Publish work in an alternate medium
  • Learn the basics of Second Life

Second LIfe Rubric

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