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Blog Project

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Author: zmadden
Index page for the first multimedia project.

Learning Goals

  • Create a central portfolio of student multimedia work
  • Learn basic blogging




For this project you will create a blog and post a variety of different types of entries. To learn what will be required, view the Blog Checklist. It includes a suggested time frame for posting the articles, but feel free to do this at your own pace.

Blog is short for "weblog" .)  A blog is whatever you want it to be: personal diary, daily pulpit, political soapbox, breaking-news outlet, collection of images, links to other cool web sites, or memos to the world. A blog is a place to collect and share things you find interesting. New entries show up first, so visitors can start with what's new.

Blogging is also about hearing back from and connecting with like-minded folks. Comments let readers give feedback on what you share on your blog (or not!) You may choose whether or not to allow comments on a post-by-post basis (and you can delete anything you don't like.)

To create a blog you will need to find a free blog publisher.  While students in the Fall 2006 course used Blogger, there are many such services; other popular publishers include Vox and LiveJournal

Most blog services keep any personal information you might share in signing up private; you may generally decide whether or not to share your real name, email address, and profile.

Once you have created a blog, you can begin posting immediately. Most services have few restrictions on the content and/or number of your posts.



Screen shot of a blog 

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