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Four Dimensions of Multimedia

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Author: zmadden
A set of concepts intended to act as a framework for evaluating multimedia materials.

These ideas serve as a conceptual framework for describing and critiquing multimedia materials. The concepts are not mutually exclusive; they overlap in a number of ways. At the beginning of the course, they are used in the context of reviewing a website. In the last project, students are asked to apply them to Second Life, an entirely different environment. The professor also uses them in the project evaluation rubrics. One of the goals of the course is that students internalize these four concepts, which can be applied in many different situations. The four dimensions are summarized below, in no particular order. Readings and more detailed information are provided on the linked pages.



    • Components include media, control, interactivity, and reliability


    • Components include pleasure, style, imagination, and expertise 


    • Components include source, audience, purpose, scope, and accuracy 


    • Components include navigation, feedback, accessibility, and consistency 
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