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Session 13: Interactivity and Components

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Author: lschilli
Description of Material and Activities Covered in Session 13


  • Hour 15 - pp. 307-332
  • Hour 16 - pp. 333-350
  • Hour 17 - pp. 351-366




Assignment: Hour 15

"Simple Portfolio Viewer" from the "Try it yourself" exercise on pages 326-330

Assignment: Hour 17

"Try it Yourself" exercise on pages 355-356


In-Class Exercise: Components

Greate a Flash movie that lets you experiment with color schemes in the form of school colors for Notre Dame and its rivals.

Incorporate three components that function as follows

  • slider - change the color of a box
  • combo box - put a school name in a field
  • list - change text color

Use different data sources

  1. box color - movie clip frames
  2. names - scripted data provider (only "label" is required)
  3. colors - manually entered - use the help system to learn how to set the color of text in a dynamic text field (hex color numbers are here)

It should look something like this


 Project Work: Screensaver

  • Continue working on the screensaver
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