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CAPP 30523 - Applied Multimedia, Spring 2012

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Author: G. Christopher Clark
Notre Dame OpenCourseware (OCW) offers free educational resources for the course "Applied Multimedia Technology" in Computer Applications. This course explores the use of multimedia in communicating information and solving problems. Students work with animation, images, and sound. They also create a blog and learn to navigate a virtual world. An overarching theme is the use of four dimensions of multimedia - content, aesthetics, functionality, and usability - for critical evaluation.
Course Photo

Applied Multimedia Technology

G. Christopher Clark

Computer Applications
University of Notre Dame

Course Structure: 75 minute classes, twice weekly

Prerequisites: none

Image courtesy of Flickr user Temari 09; Some rights reserved.

Course Description

Multimedia technology surrounds us on computer screens, televisions, phones, and in public displays. It is used to persuade, delight, inform, and educate ... as well as to mislead or deceive. This course explores the ways web media are used to communicate and solve problems, preparing students to take advantage of a variety of tools at work or in a volunteer setting. It stresses four dimensions of multimedia: functionality, aesthetics, content, and usability. Students complete projects involving image editing, blogs, and sound editing. They also use the four dimensions as a framework to critically evaluate media.
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