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A page of links to sites useful for the study of the history of Ancient Rome.

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Midterm Examination

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Online Resources - A great resource for pictures and images of or relating to Roman history.  It also has created a virtual Roman world, that allows students to more interactively learn about Rome itself, set in the year A.D. 150. - Contains links to short articles on a variety of topics and people of ancient Rome.

LacusCurtius - A fairly extensive set of links to pictures and images, Latin texts and their translations, subtopics such as military history, and more.

The Perseus Project - A gold mine for searchable Latin and Greek texts and their English translations.  It also contains a full version of the Lewis and Short Latin dictionary and very helpful morphological tools.

Ancient World Mapping Center -  This site has posted a number of maps of the ancient world, with many concerning ancient Rome and Greece.  These maps come in a variety of sizes and versions.

De Imperatoribus Romanis - an on-line encyclopedia of Roman rulers and their families from Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) to Constantine XI Palaeologus (1449-1453).

The Roman Empire in the First Century - PBS website that provides a detailed look at important people, places and events from 1st century Rome.

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