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Author: Asma Afsaruddin
Session Topic Readings Key Dates
1 Introduction: Gender, Identity, and Islamic Societies "Reconstructing Gender in the Middle East Through Voice and Experience," by Gocek and Balaghi
2 Gender and Historical Context "Gender, Tradition, and History," by Cole
"The Transitional Age," by Ahmed
Film: The Battle of Algiers
First Short Essay Assigned
3 Religious Tradition and the Construction of Gender "The Wife of the Prophet Adam in the Qur'an," by Stowasser
"Tradition of Misogyny," by Mernissi
First Short Essay Due
4 Hermeneutics, Culture and the Construction of Gender "Believing Women" in Islam, by Barlas, pp. 31-89
(Introduction optional)
5 Hermeneutics, Culture and the Construction of Gender, Continued "Believing Women," by Barlas, pp. 129-210
6 The Phenomenon of the Hijab (Veil) "The Hijab: How a Curtain Became and Insitution and a Cultural Symbol," by Stowasser
"Wearing the Hijab in Contemporary Morocco: Choice and Identity," by Hessini
Film: Muslims and America
Second Short Essay Assigned
7 Discourse of the Hijab: Negotiating Cultures of War "The Discourse of the Veil," by Ahmed
"Myths and Realities of the Harem," by Pierce
"Arab Women, Arab Wars," by Cooke
Second Short Essay Due
8 Reading Women's Memoirs and Life Stories: Feminist Consciousness in the Modern Middle East Selections from Opening the Gates
"Islamic Feminism," by Badran, from Hermeneutics and Honor (ed. Afsaruddin)
9 The Egyptian Women's Movement: Rise of Women's Activism Begin reading Harem Years, by Shaarawi Midterm Exam
10 Oral Presentations Begin Harem Years, by Shaarawi Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Schedule
11 Oral Presentations Memoirs of a Woman Doctor, by Sadaawi
12 Oral Presentations Dreams of Tresspass, by Mernissi
13 Oral Presentations The Year of the Elephant, by Abouzeid
14 Oral Presentations The Story of Zahra, by Al-Shaykh
15 Oral Presentations A Balcony over the Fakihani, by Badr
16 Final Exam Due
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