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Author: Asma Afsaruddin



  1. Title Page: A title page should be prepared carrying your full name.  The question or issue that you are responding to should be fully indicated on this page (this applies to the long paper).
  2. Pagination: Your pages should be consecutively numbered and stapled together. 
  3. Transcription of Foreign Words: Words that are of foreign origin and indicated as such in your texts, handouts etc. must be italicized and if the context so requires, a short translation should be provided within parentheses.  
  4. References: Your references should be numbered consecutively and may appear either as footnotes or endnotes.  They must contain name of the author, full title of book or article, place and year of publication, and page reference.  The first reference to a work must have above full information; subsequent references should only include author’s last name, abbreviated form of book or article title, and page reference.  Examples of correctly cited references are given below:



H. L. A. Hart, Liberty and Morality (London, 1968),  25.

  • Subsequent references to the above work may appear as:
    Hart, Liberty, 10-12.
  • If reference to the same work immediately follows you may use Ibid. followed by the new page number.


For a multi-volume work, volume number must precede the page number and be separated from it by a colon; e.g. Hart, Liberty, 8:121-22. 


Names of publishers need not be given.


If the book is an edited work, then reference is given as follows:

Resurgence and Politics in the Contemporary World, ed. Emile Sahliyeh (Albany, N.Y., 1990), 329-30.    




M. Hosain, “A False Antithesis in Pascal’s Pensees,” French Studies Bulletin 8 (1983):1-3.  

  • Subsequent references to the same work may appear as:
    Hosain, “False Antithesis,” 2.


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