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Author: Asma Afsaruddin

Discussion Groups and Assignments:                   

Oct. 6, Thurs. Peteet, “Gender & Sexuality”: Jamal, Sofia, Ashleigh
Oct. 27, Thurs.

Schimmel, “Mystical Islam”: Colin, Kyle, Dan Brown    

                 “Popular Piety”:  Alicia, Kevin, Leo    

Nov. 3, Thurs. Kanfani, Men in the Sun:

Patrick, Erin, Annie, Damon, 

Nov. 8, Tues.  Hermeneutics & Honor: pp. 29-54 Anne Kreger, Courtney, Claire

                                   pp. 70-88 Angela, Ashley, Domenique

Nov. 10, Thurs.

Hermeneutics & Honor : pp. 89-116   Jean, Patrick Moss, Kristin

                                   pp. 159-88   Natasha, Ankita, Monica

Nov. 15, Tues.

Huntington, “Clash of Civilizations” Caryn, Anne M., Julianne

Trumpbour, “Clash of Civilizations” Meghan P., David, David

Nov. 22, Tues. 

John Esposito, Unholy War : Madeline, Kathleen, Drew, Justin
Nov. 29, Tues. 

Juan Cole, “Modernity of Theocracy”: Meghan Smith, Anne St. Clair

Dec. 1, Thurs.  Mehran Kamrava, “The Question of Democracy”: Catherine, Samuel    


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