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Author: Agustin Fuentes
Photo and bio of Agustin Fuentes, professor for Primate Behavior.
Professor Photo

Professor Agustín Fuentes, Ph.D.

Nancy O'Neill Associate Professor of Anthropology.

Department of Anthropology
University of Notre Dame


Image courtesy of Joan B. Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame.

Agustín Fuentes completed a B.A. in Zoology and Anthropology, and an M.A.& Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. He taught in the department of Anthropology and directed the Primate Behavior and Ecology program at Central Washington University from 1996-2002 and is currently the Nancy O’Neill Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame. His research and teaching interests include the evolution of social complexity in human and primate societies, cooperation and conflict negotiation across primates, including humans, and reproductive behavior and ecology. He is also interested in issues of human-nonhuman primate interactions, disease and pathogen transfer. Fuentes’ recent work includes the books Core Concepts in Biological Anthropology (McGraw-Hill) and Primates in Perspective (co-edited, Oxford University Press) and articles such as “It’s Not All Sex and Violence: Integrated Anthropology and the Role of Cooperation and Social Complexity in Human Evolution” in the American Anthropologist, “Re-visiting conflict resolution: Is there a role for emphasizing negotiation and cooperation instead of conflict and reconciliation?” in R. Sussman and A. Chapman Eds., The Origins and Nature of Sociality, Aldine de Gruyter, Pub. His current research projects include assessing behavior and disease transmission in human-monkey interactions in Asia and Gibraltar and examining the roles of cooperation, social negotiation, and patterns of niche construction in human evolution.
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