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Author: Joseph M. Powers


  • Homework must be done on one side only of 8 1/2” by 11” engineering paper with no frayed edges. Multiple pages must be stapled. You should briefly restate the problem, give a sketch if helpful, give all necessary analysis, and place a box around your final answer. All plots must be computer generated, trimmed, and taped to engineering paper. Label all axes. Raw Mathematica or Maple output will not be graded. Neatness and effective communication are considered in grading as well as the final answer itself. 
  • The reviews are required to be written in a LaTeX format and will be checked primarily for style, format, grammar, and content.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all problems are from the textbook, Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, by Borgnakke and Sonntag.
Due Date
PDF icon  Download PDF
Fri. 1/15
Homework 1
HW 1 (12.1kB)
Fri. 1/22 Homework 2
HW  2 (17.0kB)
Fri. 1/29 Homework 3
HW  3 (13.1kB)
Fri. 2/5
Homework 4 HW 4  (9.3kB)
Fri. 2/19
Homework 5
TeX icon  LaTeX Template 1
HW 5 (5.7kB)
Technical Review 1 (2.5kB)

Fri. 2/26
Homework 6 HW 6 (13.6kB)
Fri. 3/5
Homework 7 HW  7 (21.2kB)
Fri. 3/19
Homework 8 HW 8 (12.0kB)
Fri. 3/26 Homework 9 HW  9 (5.7kB)
Fri. 4/9
Homework 10
TeX icon  LaTeX Template 2
HW 10 (25.7kB)
Technical Review 2 (2.7kB)

Fri. 4/16
Homework 11 HW  11(9.5kB)
Wed. 4/28
Homework 12 HW  12 (10.9kB)


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